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Why Indian Marriages Are The Symbol Of Love And Trust?

Why Indian Marriages Are The Symbol Of Love And Trust?

Why Indian Marriages Are The Symbol Of Love And Trust?

Marriages have always been considered as the important form of bond in the Indian society for hundreds and thousands of years. In India, marriage is regarded as an eternal bond that is fostered out of love and trust. The husband and the wife look up to each other on almost everything and become an integral part of one another’s existence. For many people living in other parts of the world, it can be difficult to understand why Indian marriages have such high success rates. It is therefore necessary to have a closer look at the various driving factors of Indian marriages that make them such success stories over time.

One of the crucial aspects of Indian marriages is that most of them are arranged by their parents. This is quite unlike the west where men and women are left to their own advices when it comes to choosing a partner for themselves. In India, a young man or woman relies greatly on the judgment of his or her parents when it comes to choosing a life partner. This not only fosters a strong bond between the children and their parents, but also reduces possible conflicts between two generations. By trusting in the decision making process of their parents, young men and women in India free from the worry of making the most important decision of their lives all by themselves.

Marriage in India is also a matter of the family and society than that of individual needs and wishes. People marry into families rather than being united with their partners only. In other words, when a man and woman marry each other, they are not just choosing to be with their partners but also their respective families. To make such an arrangement work, it takes a lot of trust and love between the husband and wife. A woman is not only required to love her husband, but also his family and the same thing apply to her husband in relation with the wife’s family. Such factors make it necessary for both partners to work on their marriage and make it a successful bond over many years.

Another reason why marriages in India are said to be fostered from deep love and trust for one another is that most of them are arranged by family members where the man and the woman hardly knows each other prior to their marriage. This means that getting married to one another allows them the chance to get to know each other while at the same time accept the individual differences in outlooks. This is quite unlike the west where two people cannot even imagine spending their lives with one another without getting to know each other. Since in the west people do not feel obliged to tolerate the individual differences, the differences in individual nuances often tend to direct men and women in different directions. However, in India men and women gradually learn more about each other and develop love and trust for each other even when there are many differences between the two individuals.

Getting married in an arranged fashion also means that the man and woman getting married to each other have very little expectations from each other from the onset. Instead of making too many expectations from each other, they learn to love and trust one another. This means that Indian marriages are based more on commitment, trust and need of security instead of individual passions and feelings. Over the time, a husband and wife bonded in matrimony realize that they will always have another to rely upon and this naturally develops a strong sense of love for one another.




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