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Wedding Stylist or Wedding Planner Must Have

Wedding Stylist or Wedding Planner Must Have

Wedding Stylist or Wedding Planner Must Have

Many of us, when starting to think about a wedding plan, the first idea that strikes is a choice of all events and visual orientation.
Decor is an integral part of any wedding, but the wedding planners is ready to help you.


I always believed that if the couple has a unique taste of design and presentation and they describe a very detailed design for their wedding, hiring a “stylist” in the head of a wedding planner is a viable idea. This will contribute to the clarity of roles and allow many wedding planners to look at key programming and implementation areas.

To answer your question, if you need a Wedding Stylist or Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi

The most convincing thing is that many planners and stylists use their role of explaining how to prepare your wedding day as a home. The wedding planner hires the builder or contractor. And hiring a stylist is like an interior designer.

Planners are all organized. charts, suppliers, budgets, contracts, venue management, day system … they care about everything you need to help create a wedding for your dream and do everything to make sure that it’s moving smoothly day, stay calm and think quickly on their feet.

A good planner is a person who is resourceful, knowledgeable, diplomatic, good at solving a problem, someone who can give advice, and who can make a tough bride at any one time.

Stylists, on the other hand, are all “pretty”. They go on to the trends. can create new thematic themes, suitable color schemes, give tips about the place and the table, give guides to the best positions for warehouses and jewelry sources, and usually hire to help make the couple’s vision a reality on their wedding day. Some wedding stylists will also be ready to make tiny details of jewelry, gauze and fragments from scratch.

Often stylists are hired when the bride and groom are stuck for inspiration and want to work for someone to help their special day and memorable and unique. In other cases, some people know what they want to achieve, but they feel they need hand to help the day they can relax with their friends and relatives while they are getting ready for the morning.

Stylists often work together with the florist to work their compliments, and the planner will oversee the suppliers’ schedule and require direction and guidance.

Almost all programmers in the wedding sector are also excellent stylists. They can often complete two roles in the day, and being creative, they usually enjoy this side of the overall planning process. Although this is definitely something you should ask on the front, if you think it might be necessary to fill any role.

Sometimes, if the time is short (for example, when a wedding hosts a large number of guests, with a long time or complicated schedule), the planner will use an assistant or friendly stylist to care for the decorations and details that have already been created for the design theme and principal rental items and the main suppliers before the planning process.

However, it is not always the case when a good planner is a good stylist, some lack the creative skills and originality, or they can not share your sense of style, and likewise a great stylist may miss the contract and relationship with several suppliers in one day :

So, the crucial question you need to write on one of these suppliers for your own great day.

Many are extremely organized and confident in their planning abilities on the eve of the wedding, but still would like to be able to gather together with different providers on a board over the day and help them to make sure the place is decorated with perfection. Others are extremely creative with their talented talent that helps decorate the day, but I would like to help with a bit of budgeting and the availability of the provider beforehand.

For both of these decisive roles in the wedding process, both Wedding planners and stylists are often ignored in the industry for the still expensive players. While couples will enjoy the Rupees lakhs in other areas, those “good value” professionals are often freed from DIY options.

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