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Wedding Planning: Step by Step Guide to Initial Wedding Plans

Wedding Planning: Step by Step Guide to Initial Wedding Plans

Wedding Planning: Step by Step Guide to Initial Wedding Plans

The wedding is much more than just getting a ring on your finger. It is one such event in every individual’s life that everyone wants in the best way possible. Therefore, it is better to plan the wedding perfectly rather than delve deep inside the big day without any Wedding planning . If you jump into your big day without any planning, then it can result in a big disaster. No matter people will remember in either case, but they will remember your wedding as the worst example available.

  • Announcement: The journey of your big day starts with its announcement in front of your family and friends. It is better to tell your family and friends in person. If any of the set of folk is living away, then you can call them in order to inform them. As friends and family are an essential part of your life, therefore, it is better to start your journey along with them.
  • Delve into dreams: Your wedding day is one of those dreams that you have kept along with you in your whole life. Sit with your to-be-partner and discuss ideas with them. Talk about the theme or location you both want, but it is not the time to discuss finances.
  • Rough out the timings: However, you will not have to decide the exact date at this moment, but at least you can decide the month and season. When you determine the month, then it will make sure that how many months are left. You can organize yourself according to the time that is left and decide everything accordingly.
  • Wedding size: Now look at the number of guests you and your families want to invite on your big day. The number of guests will eventually decide the location of your wedding. It will also make clear that what kind of arrangements are required. Note down names of the guests and plan according to it.
  • Money talk: It is time to talk about the finances of your wedding. Make a rough sketch about how much cost you will have to pay for the whole bid wedding. While you can also hire a company in this regard or can get help from a third party. The third party will help you out by providing everything to you and will make the total estimate of the marriage. As soon as the bill is in front of you, it is time to decide how much each side will contribute. As it is better to divide the expenses in half so that neither of the family feels burdened.
  • Clothes: One important part of a wedding is dressing. The overall looks of the couple depend upon the dressing. Discuss with your fiancĂ© about is there any specific color he or she wants to wear. Also, plan out that whether both of you will wear same color dresses or in contrast. As soon as the theme of the wedding is decided, you can easily decide the dressing code. Also, mention that will there be any dressing code for the guests.



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