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Overhead Water Tank Cleaning Services: All you need to know about

Overhead Water Tank Cleaning Services: All you need to know about

Overhead Water Tank Cleaning Services: All you need to know about

I am sure you get your house cleaned everyday from mopping to dusting and go for occasional deep cleaning of the entire house. But when it comes to water tank, you may start wondering about finding someone who can get your water tank cleaned professionally and conveniently. Unlike our homes, it is important to get the water tank cleaned every 6 months or so. There can be nothing worse than intake of contaminated water, for your health. Even if you don’t see anything wrong, you should get it cleaned and disinfected from common contamination such as ants, rats, cockroaches etc. And secondly if water supplied in your area is hard water containing a high level of dissolved solids, then sedimentation will happen more often. If that’s the case, you ought to use water tank cleaning services to get the tank and sump cleaned and disinfected.

 water tank cleaning

Did you know that there are cleaning agencies in India that offers overhead water tank cleaning services, including the sump or the storage tank on the ground? I was having a discussion with a cleaning agency in Delhi  and according to him; demands for overhead water tank cleaning services have increased over more than 30% in recent times. Cleaning agencies these days uses most advanced technologies, tools and supplies to ensure best quality cleaning for their customers.

Water tank cleaning services Vs Doing it yourself

There is no doubt about the facts that water tank should be cleaned at least twice every year, and you have the flexibility to determine if you want to use the professional water tank cleaning services, or you wish to do it yourself. When you hire professional agencies that offers water tank cleaning services, you can relax and let them clean the tank, but if you want to do it yourself then you can do so.

But having a professional for water tank cleaning is better because they have trained professionals on board who can get things done much faster and efficiently. They have access to modern tools and cleaning equipment and supplies that you may not have. Also water tank cleaning services by professional cleaners does not cost much. In fact water tank cleaning services in India starts from around Rs. 1000 only. But there are premium agencies with better efficiency and that may cost may be a little more.

So you have both the options but i will keep this post limited to how to clean a water tank on your own.

Water tank cleaning on your own

Process of cleaning a water tank may sound like a bit hectic, but at the end of this procedure you are surely going to get a fresh, neat and clean water tank. Here’s how the cleaning of water tank is performed by most of the cleaning agencies in India.

1. Start with draining

You may not like this because all the water will be drained out; but this is essential before cleaning the tank. To drain the tank, open the washout valve that draws water from the base, rather than the normal outlet valve. Once you have emptied the tank, you are ready to move to the next step.

2. Cleaning the interior of the tank

Now when you have emptied the tank, it’s time to get to the actual cleaning of the interior of the tank (inside cleaning). You can take a good quality cleanser, or make one suing detergent, baking soda and water and clean the interior walls of the water tank using a brush. Cleaning agencies use high pressure jet for this, but you may not have access to such tools and that’s okay. While cleaning from inside is important, try avoiding entering the tank, and instead attach a brush to a pole and use it to scrub the interior walls of the tank. Scrub it vigorously because there may be too much of pollutants sticking to the walls.

3. Remove the sludge

Sludge basically settles on the floor of the tank, and to remove it you need special equipment. Sludge on the floor of the tank can be removed only with the help of a special sludge pumping equipment, which will help you to remove the base sludge, and this is something that a professional water tank cleaner can do much better. If you don’t have the tool, try doing it using pole or any other way you can.

4. Wash the water tank and you are done

After you have finally scrubbed the interior walls of the water tank, wash it off using a hose pipe. Hold the end of the pipe a little tightly, to generate force of the water and get better result. If you don’t have issues of water, you ma like to fill the tank and leave it for a couple of hrs, steer it to wash the interior of the tank properly and empty the tank again. But be careful to not waste water. But whichever cleaning method you use, keep cleaning the tank until there are no longer traces of detergent in the water. That’s why, a hose or jet pipe is the best solution because the water coming out from the pipes would have tremendous force, which is good for washing purpose and professional water cleaners have these tools and hence their services are recommended.

Quick fix for do it yourself water tank cleaning

If you find the above process way more complicated, and don’t wish to hire water tank cleaning services and rather looking for quick fix, here you go;

  1. Use a stiff bristle brush or a rod and stir the water in your tank, until and unless all the sediments in your tank mix with the water.
  2. Then open a cold water tap, while you are training the muddy water.
  3. Finally, scrape all the sediments from the bottom of the water tank, as well as from its sides.
  4. Now, your tank is clean and clear, and ready to be filled with water for domestic usage.


According to WHO, more than a billion people don’t have access to clean and disinfected water. We are lucky to get clean and disinfected water supplied by municipalities. But even if we get clean and disinfected water, underground storage tank and overhead water tanks can easily get infected with small little bugs and pests like ants, cockroaches, rats, dusts etc. Simple sediments keep on building over the period of time and unless you get it cleaned yourself or by a professional, you will end up using contaminated water.

It is our duty and responsibility to get the water tank cleaned occasionally, at least twice a year. Cleaning a water tank should not be an issue; it’s just about paying attention. You can do it yourself, find a local cleaner or a professional agency that specialize in underground and overhead water tank cleaning services. Water tank cleaning services are available across all of the major cities in India including Delhi and Gurgaon.

I hope this post will be of great help in cleaning water tanks. Whether you do it yourself, or hire an agency or a professional water tank cleaner, just make sure to not waste extra water while cleaning the tank. If you liked this post, feel free to share and save water, save life.

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