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Interesting Hindu Wedding Traditions

Interesting Hindu Wedding Traditions

Interesting Hindu Wedding Traditions

Indian weddings are full of ceremonials, food, and pranks. They last for more than a week and bring eternal memories to the couple and their families. The eclectic and energizing pranks that are present in-between the wedding ceremonials help to keep the occasion lively throughout. These pranks somewhat have mythological reasons, but the primarily they are integrated for fun.

With the amazing wedding season just about to take place, let’s have a walk through these amusing wedding traditions.

The shoe hiding game
As soon as the groom enters the wedding hall and takes off his shoes, the eldest unmarried sister and cousins together target over the shoes of the groom. The bride`s side family has to carefully steal those shoes in order to gain a competitive edge over the groom`s team!

The groom`s side needs to look after those shoes and keep them safe at such a place where no one is able to find them. The task is quite challenging. However, the past has witnessed more winnings from the bride`s end. The girls always manage to manipulate the groom`s team thereby gaining victory over them. They way shoes get ransomed back to the groom totally depends on how tricky the girls play. At times, there is a lot of bargaining and the girls get negotiated money as a part of the entire ceremonial.

Pulling the nose of the groom
Gujarati wedding ceremonials have a tradition called “ponkvu” in which the mother-in-law pulls groom`s nose. Subsequent to the Arty, this particular ceremonial takes place which is quite funny for both the families. This particular ceremony represents that the groom had to ultimately come at the door steps of their daughter in order to marry her.

Game of rings
Hindu weddings are incomplete without the ring lost-and-found game. A single ring is submerged in the water that has milk, petals, and vermillion in it. The bride and the groom have to compete against each other by dipping their hands and finding out the ring. Out of the total seven rounds, the person who gets maximum winnings is said to dominate the spouse.

Separation of couple for a single night just after the wedding takes place
It is called “KAAL Raatri”. A night in which the wedded couple have to sleep separately in groom`s house. The reason behind this ceremony is to refresh the couple before they finally sleep together and celebrate the wedding night.

Twisting groom`s ear
In Maharashtrian wedding ceremonials, the brother of the bride twists the ears of the groom in order to warm him against any atrocities done to his sister. This is a slight warning to the groom, else punishment shall play its role!

Custom of placing multiple earthen pots over the bride`s head
This particular ceremony takes place in Bihar for checking up the adjustment level of the bride. The better the earthen pots are balanced, the more adjusting the bride is considered. The ritual symbolizes the way a wedded girl takes up her new responsibilities and life.

The wedding procession
The groom comes to fetch the bride in a parade sitting on a white horse. The entire wedding procession dances and enjoys just the way when a prince goes to fetch his princess. Some of the people who have heavy wedding budget, choose to hire elephants for their wedding processions.

Whoever sits first shall be the winner
There is a very enthralling game in the Indian wedding ceremony in which the person who takes the seat first tends to be the man of the house. Soon after the bride and the groom finish their circles around the fire, the person who sits first wins the game for life.

Weird washing
The Gujarati weddings bring along a weird tradition in which the bride`s parents welcome the groom by washing his feet with honey and milk. This “potion” is drunk by the groom that depicts the weirdness of this ritual.

Marrying a tree
The most unusual Indian tradition is in which the bride marries a tree prior marrying a human. This ceremony takes places when the bride is “mangalik”. The tradition is executed because of the belief that the groom shall die if he`ll marry a mangalik bride directly.


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