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Advance marriage checklist

Advance marriage checklist

Advance marriage checklist

Everyone dreams to have a perfect wedding. We plan a lot to make it memorable and enjoyable. Before tying the knot we make sure that everything goes smoothly and efficiently. I guess no one compromise on less on their big day.  Mostly we don’t focus on minor things which may result in ruining it. Here are some of the things we should keep in mind while planning for a perfect wedding.


  1. Estimate your budget.
  2. Prepare guest list
  3. Hunt for Photographers
  4. Search for event manager
  5. Reserve venue
  6. Wedding dress and parlor booking
  7. Decide wedding theme
  8. Personal fitness
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  • Estimate your budget:

First and the most important thing is calculating your wedding budget. Estimate the cost of wedding dress, decoration, parlor bills, photography, venue and food charges etc. This should be done immediately after finalizing wedding date.

  • Prepare guest list: 

Selecting guests are obviously the important pre-wedding task. You should make guest list according to your estimated budget. If guests exceed the limit you have to increase the budget or drop something else from the list to occupy them.

  • Hunt for photographers: 

It looks easy but according to my personal experience this is the most difficult task. Spending too much on photography is worthless. Go for reasonably charged, good photographer. It may take bit time but hope you’ll end up finding the perfect one.

  • Search for event manager:

Hire event decorators 2-3 months before wedding date. But don’t forget to discuss the theme you have decided. Also give them your suggestions, so at the end wedding décor will be according to your taste. It is preferable to make a floral photo booth for guests.

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 Reserve venue:

It is necessary to reserve menu almost 6 months before. While selecting the menu you should keep this in mind that it should not too far from your residence and parlor, the place should not be too crowded and it should easily accommodate your estimated guests. If you are going for outdoor function keep the weather in mind, if it rained your entire ceremony will be ruined.

  • Wedding dress and parlor booking:

Order your wedding dress 3 months before because you may find some flaws after receiving it. So you will have time to alter it. Book a good parlor 2 months before and have groom/ bridal packages according to your budget.

  • Decide wedding theme:

It is not must-to-have but nice-to-have; if you’ll go for some theme it will look great. But remember it should be according to time and season. If you don’t have budget for this, you can drop it.

  • Personal fitness (if required):

If everything is perfect on your wedding except you then your entire effort will be wasted. If you are under weight or over weight, go for gym and make the perfect body. If you are having less hair on your head, go for hair transplant because at the end your looks will matter a lot. This should be done minimum 6 months before wedding. Ask your partner to work on his/her looks as well.

Hope the above list helps in planning your wedding efficiently. It may vary from person to person but I’ve tried my best to cover all necessary things.



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